Journey to Whole and Moving Forward with Julie and Sean Tomlinson


12 December 2020 –

I have only known Julie and Sean for a few weeks but they have become incredibly important to me in a very short time. Their weight loss journey and lifestyle change started many years ago, and now they both encourage others in healthy eating, positivity and regular activity.

I have been a member of their Facebook group – “Moving” Forward – for about 6 weeks.  I absolutely LOVE the encouragement that this group gives me.

They post regularly with a mix of the following
– 2 monthly challenges about movement or nutrition
– a daily challenge to post a selfie or fun picture
– a daily challenge to affirm oneself
– links to great recipes
– links to great walking videos
– a daily challenge to set self-care intentions
– an evening check-in to self-care and emotional wellness


My Facebook timeline is now chock-full of encouraging and healthy input, and it helps me keep on track so much.  I absolutely can not thank them enough.

Here is how to find them!

Link to their YouTube Channel

Link to the Facebook Group

I hope you find them as encouraging in your journey as I do in mine!


By Penni Jo Blatterman

Penni Jo is an American singer-songwriter living in the Westerwald. She sings locally for weddings and other family events.

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  1. You are so kind and a huge asset to our group. We wish you nothing but success in everything you touch.

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