I have loved this podcast for years, and this year when I was down I also saw that they were looking for guests to discuss difficult choices or transition issues. I was dealing with a difficult choice and I knew that Vanessa was authentic, gracious, generous and compassionate. Talking with her was a tremendous gift. The episode is available on all podcasting platforms and I found a few of them here.



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To quote from their website – “The Real Question is a show that holds space for life’s tough questions. This season, we’re looking specifically at questions of quitting. When is it time to quit something, and when should you stick with it?

Host Vanessa Zoltan speaks with people considering quitting relationships, quitting places they live, and quitting specific ideas of themselves. Every episode she asks them: which of the options is braver – quitting or sticking with it? And what values do you want to be living into with this choice?”

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Penni Jo is an American producer, songwriter and living in the Westerwald. She appeared on All Together Now in 2022 and on The Voice of Germany in 2018.