So I am starting a personal / weight loss blog I guess, on my professional website.

It is scary for me to write this because

  1. I have been trying to lose weight since I was 11.
  2. Usually, the minute I tell someone that I am doing something, I stop doing it.
  3. This is really really embarrassing.
  4. See all of the above.

My goal for this month is “Finish and Perform.”  “Finish” the songs that have been in my project file for many many months, and “perform”.  “Perform” not really right now, because of Covid, but focus for the future that I want for myself, which involves more presentation and performing.

I do not feel bad about myself most of the time.  I have gone through the times in my life when I have hated myself and my body, and that is not going to happen again!  I love myself and the way I am, I am just tweaking a little bit.

Anyway, if you have read this, welcome to my weight loss blog.  Here is hoping that it will be good and fun and positive and a way of tracking myself.


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Penni Jo is an American producer, songwriter and living in the Westerwald. She appeared on All Together Now in 2022 and on The Voice of Germany in 2018.