New Year, New Me!


Not really, I honestly loathe new year’s resolutions.  But I did give a sermon with that title on Sunday, so it has been going around in my head.  However, I have gotten a lot of encouragement from the Facebook Group that I am in led by Julie and Sean Tomlinson.  They have given the group 3 challenges for January – a daily photo challenge, a daily yoga challenge and a daily jumping jack challenge.  So far I actually really enjoy it!  And it has been fun to report and check it off my to-do list.


Weight has stayed about the same, maybe up a bit since Christmas.  I got back into the habit of eating an evening meal, so that was not good for me on the whole.  Trying to cut back to not eating anything after 1600.  Hope that will be a very good thing.


And thankfully now I have data on my phone again, so I am playing Pok’emon Go!  I had a bad fall the first day I went out, but did not hit my head and the scratches on my neck are going away nicely.  Hopefully any bruising will not be too noticeable when it comes up.


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Penni Jo is an American producer, songwriter and living in the Westerwald. She appeared on All Together Now in 2022 and on The Voice of Germany in 2018.