Well, I did not have to do my side-job today, so I was able to really work in the studio.

I had a project on two small songs for an online video game, and so I took care of that. Looking back, I think it may have too much reverb, but I was going for something that would suit the “shinyness” of the video game world. We will see what they say.

My second project today was another co-write with a man that I met in my mentoring program. He is primarilly a beat maker, but we get along pretty well and I have always enjoyed his work. So I sent him the song as I imagined it and he will work on his part and get back to me.

Other than that, I did some work in social media and on my website. Tired now, and participating in my mentoring program. A good day overall.

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Penni Jo is an American producer, songwriter and living in the Westerwald. She appeared on All Together Now in 2022 and on The Voice of Germany in 2018.