Honestly, it was easy for me to get to know and love Bethany. First of all, she is an American so language is not a problem. Secondly she is an opera and musical theater geek masquerading as a “normal person”! No, seriously, she is extremely talented and follows her passions wherever they are. She is on TikTok, she tours, she performs, she raises her wonderful family.

DOCTOR Bethany Barber has amazing range as a singer – check out her singing “The Girl in 14G” AND her “Cher Tribute Show”. And, because she is from the midwest, where women are raised to not brag about themselves….. well, I HAVE to do it for her. SHE IS AMAZING.




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Penni Jo is an American producer, songwriter and living in the Westerwald. She appeared on All Together Now in 2022 and on The Voice of Germany in 2018.