Shadow of your Wings


Shadow of your Wings


Music and lyrics by Penni Jo. Performed and produced by Penni Jo. Mastered at Elevate Your Sound Studios. Artwork by Chris Sabor.

Lyrics –

In the shadow
of your wings I fly
Though we travel through a
darkening sky
You buffer the storm and we pass through
I learn to depend on You.

And it’s not easy
It’s hard to explain
because life is fill with clouds and pain
It’s not easy
to learn to rely
I’m spend my life practicing for when I die.

In the shadow
of your wings I fall
and I can’t feel
your strength at all
but you lift me out of the crazy slide
you were always at my side

And it’s not easy
when the sky is so grey
and the people I love keep going away
It’s not easy
to be so out of control
I spend my youth practicing for when I’m old

It’s not easy
to learn to trust
But my wings are so small, so learn I must
It’s never easy
I’m practicing cause
someday all I’ve built will fall to dust

In the shadow
of your wings I soar
Not to worry
It’s what little wings are for
I won’t see the blackened sky
I’ll focus on the mother nearer by.