Much Water CD



Much Water is Penni Jo’s debut demo album.  Produced by Ralf Kortus.

Track list –

Cradled By You
Pull Me In
Much Water
Failing Into You
Poor Neglected Baby
Home To Me
Spirit and Tongues
Hold Me In Your Presence
Silent Streams
Find My Rest
Amazed By You



Ralf Kortus — Produzent, Mixing, Mastering, Klavier,
Midi, Gittarre, E-Gitarre, Arrangements
Sylvia Kortus — Photos, Inspiration, Übersetzung
Tobias Kortus — Schlagzeug
Jessica Kortus — Bass
Jo French-Howser — Titel Photo
Dale Sieber — Übersetzung
Larry Blatterman — Gitarre, E-Gitarre
Jaelynn Blatterman — Querflöte, Übersetzung
Penni Jo Blatterman — Musik, Text, Vocals, Übersetzung