Oh Lord, I’m afraid that I’ve done it again: thrown myself in the path of my sin. Knowing full well why I always fall in; unworthy to cling to you, I’ve no option but calling out again.

My fear of you knowing is stupid and vain. My refusal to call you is worse. But I feel ashamed when you reach through my pain to pick me up and clean me off when I’m nothing worth looking at at all.

Hold me in your presence; hold me in your loving arms. Draw me close to you and keep me safe from harm. I’m forever wand’ring in the wicked way of man. Draw me to your side by your loving hand.

I know that your way is the one to prevail but I tear myself trying out more. I trip and I stumble and completely fail. Like a foolish baby wants its selfish safety, I reach for you again.

I need you every minute, if I go or stay, if I fall and fail again. My constant fear of flying will be done at dying. Until then!