So I walked away when I should have made a stand, letting down the side once again. And my weaknesses seem to have the upper hand, and my will just caves in.

Lost my head and blew up just when she needed me. Don’t know when she’ll trust me again. I’m supposed to own this holy armory instead of showing my skin.

I am the enemy unto the peace I seek. How can I find my rest in you?

Anger is the master of  my common sense; Mouthing off and burning my friends. Wanna lick my wounds, wanna shake the bitterness, but it creeps in again.

Hiding and escaping from the apathy and the fears that eat from within. Letting all my failures be my destiny, but I know it’s my sin.

This is the hell that you conquered to save me — petty and futile and small. Reach in and pull me right out of my misery once for all!

Trying to be real, tangled up in my pretense; burying my head in the sand. Still you come to me, to be my true defense when I can’t understand. Trying out a tune, finding only dissonance; cannot play with reason or rhyme. Still you break me up to create the resonance and you are right every time.