Failing Into You (Original Song)

I’ve been inclined to think success is in your will.
I’ve been defined by success I’ve gained by my own skill

until my strength runs dry and I don’t know which way to turn, stumbling, wondering why this lesson I must learn?

Now I’m failing into You, like a warmth of coats that I’m pressing through, with where I anchored fading like dew. I am failing into You.

I just resigned, after I left myself so low.
But I’ve been designed for purposes I don’t yet know.

Can I step out even though I see no plan, no guarantee? I don’t know how but I know You want me to be free.

I am failing into you like a warming fog I’m wandering through. Like a shiver right before the day’s blue. I am failing into You. I can’t find heaven through my self, my will, self mastery. I chose to trust that you will show me my validity. So let me fly and fall, I know you hold my destiny.

Now I’m failing into you like a warm embrace I’m rushing into — to a coming home that I never knew. I am failing into you. I’ll fail toward you. I’ll fall to you. I’ll fly to you. I am failing into you.

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