I’m going to run a race today.
My feet won’t even touch the ground. And if you’re there, I run around you like you’re standing still.

I’ve got so much to do today:
branches to reach and bugs to catch. I’ll beat a friend in a spitting match, so who’s got time to kill?

I’m like an eagle, I’m so fast. I feel the wind as it whooshes past but something goes wrong, I trip, I crash, I fall….

When I fall you rescue me and your strength is all I need every time. I am effortlessly cradled by you. I don’t doubt you will help me and be there to comfort me every time. I am effortlessly cradled by you.

I’m gonna jump the moon today
easy as stepping on the stars. And when I see beyond the far side, I’ve got a new goal.

I’ll swim around the world today, soon as I grow my dolphin fins! Dive to the reef and scramble inside. Going with the shoal!

The ocean is my paddling pool. Nothing can stop me, I’m too cool but something goes wrong and I foolishly fall…..

I feel at one with destiny, but something comes I could not see! In a slow-motion mystery, I fall….