Sicherer Hafen Tour Original Lieder von Johanna Deis und Penni Jo   März—Christus Centrum Limburg   März — Freie evangelische Gemeinde Weilburg   März — Evangelische Kirche Niedernhausen   April—Christus für Alle, Merenberg   April — Freie evangelische Gemeinde, Westerburg     Alle Eintritt Frei, eine Spende wird gebeten.  


Just spent the last few days at workshops at the Worship Conference at Calvary Chapel Siegen.  Amazing, amazing, amazing! I went on purpose to attend vocal workshops done by Naomi van Dooren, as she was my vocal coach on The Voice of Germany, and I think she is absolutely incredible. Read More →


April—mit Some Songs (zum Grünen Drachen,                    Dreisbach) Mai—Ein Abend mit Penni Jo (Burgmannenkeller,                 Westerburg) Mai—Privat Feier Geburtstag Mai—Privat Feier Konfirmation Mai—Konzert, Johanna Dies Mai—Privatfeier Taufe Mai—mit Schässelong (Bistro Härtlingen)

Zum Karfreitag When you are frustrated and your joy is all but drowned. When you’re not exonerated and your reputation’s gone. Come home to me. Home to me. When you are connected and feel the world is whole. Your body is perfected but you cannot touch your soul. Come homeRead More →


$0.99 – Purchase Checkout Added to cart Who flung the stars into the heavens but stills my fear? Who made the sun an explosion of power but is ready to hear me? Who sent the asteroids through the massive voids where light cannot reach? Who hears my cry, comes gently by, willingRead More →

Good bye my dream in the mourning I see your back when I close my eyes You leave this tiny room without me Before you could doubt me, you made me old and wise Sometimes I forget for a while I smile and have such plans to make Even thoughRead More →

    My love, I promise you Though the hurricane roars and rages My love, I promise you In the midst of this life With it’s constant changes No one can fight it all The sea is so big, one boat alone is so small     I want toRead More →

  So I walked away when I should have made a stand, letting down the side once again. And my weaknesses seem to have the upper hand, and my will just caves in. Lost my head and blew up just when she needed me. Don’t know when she’ll trust meRead More →