Zum Karfreitag When you are frustrated and your joy is all but drowned. When you’re not exonerated and your reputation’s gone. Come home to me. Home to me. When you are connected and feel the world is whole. Your body is perfected but you cannot touch your soul. Come homeRead More →


$0.99 – Purchase Checkout Added to cart Who flung the stars into the heavens but stills my fear? Who made the sun an explosion of power but is ready to hear me? Who sent the asteroids through the massive voids where light cannot reach? Who hears my cry, comes gently by, willingRead More →


  I know you’re weary, doing that shaky light headed thing when you hope your heart won’t pound and your ears won’t ring. You know the answer that is waiting for you. When I’m feeling what you’re feeling, oh you tell me too. There is so much water for theRead More →

  So I walked away when I should have made a stand, letting down the side once again. And my weaknesses seem to have the upper hand, and my will just caves in. Lost my head and blew up just when she needed me. Don’t know when she’ll trust meRead More →

  Silent streams are running. Running where you do not know and oh the only sign and warning is where the wild flowers grow. Meadows’ unexpected birth – green and gold on crusted earth. No one can call upon the wondrous worth of silent streams Wildfires are blooming where theRead More →

When strolling in the morning, I need no walking staff; I have your arm and hand to guide me. By my evening story, you ask me why I laugh because you’re reading right beside me. Hard to believe after all of this time I have the love of my life.Read More →


I’ve been inclined to think success is in your will. I’ve been defined by success I’ve gained by my own skill until my strength runs dry and I don’t know which way to turn, stumbling, wondering why this lesson I must learn? Now I’m failing into You, like a warmthRead More →

  The blanket is huge; a black velvet night sea. I crawl in and let it cover me. In wrapping me in, I discover a small leg. The baby is naked. The somber eyes don’t beg.  She reaches out. And I can’t shout. Poor neglected baby! You get so usedRead More →

  I’m going to run a race today. My feet won’t even touch the ground. And if you’re there, I run around you like you’re standing still. I’ve got so much to do today: branches to reach and bugs to catch. I’ll beat a friend in a spitting match, soRead More →