Just spent the last few days at workshops at the Worship Conference at Calvary Chapel Siegen.  Amazing, amazing, amazing! I went on purpose to attend vocal workshops done by Naomi van Dooren, as she was my vocal coach on The Voice of Germany, and I think she is absolutely incredible. Read More →


  Wade in the water Wade in the water Children wade, in the water God’s gonna trouble the water Who’s that young girl dressed in red Wade in the water Must be the children that Moses led God’s gonna trouble the water Wade in the water, wade in the waterRead More →


$0.99 – Purchase Checkout Added to cart Who flung the stars into the heavens but stills my fear? Who made the sun an explosion of power but is ready to hear me? Who sent the asteroids through the massive voids where light cannot reach? Who hears my cry, comes gently by, willingRead More →


Here I am before You Falling in love and seeking Your truth Knowing that Your perfect grace Has brought me to this place Because of You I freely live My life to You, oh God, I give So I stand before You, God I lift my voice cause You setRead More →


  I know you’re weary, doing that shaky light headed thing when you hope your heart won’t pound and your ears won’t ring. You know the answer that is waiting for you. When I’m feeling what you’re feeling, oh you tell me too. There is so much water for theRead More →


1. Möge die Straße uns zusammenführen und der Wind in deinem Rücken sein; sanft falle Regen auf deine Felder und warm auf dein Gesicht der Sonnenschein. Refrain: Und bis wir uns wiedersehen, halte Gott dich fest in seiner Hand; und bis wir uns wiedersehen, halte Gott dich fest in seinerRead More →


  Amazing grace How sweet the sound That saved a wretch like me I once was lost But now I’m found Was blind, but now I see ‘Twas grace that taught My heart to fear And grace my Fears relieved How precious did That grace appear The hour I firstRead More →

I have been feeling pretty down for a few days, so, instead of wallowing or being self-destructive, I decided to do a three-part of “It Is Well With My Soul” – hymn by Horatio Spafford and Philipp Bliss.   Link to It Is Well With My Soul on Wikipedia  Read More →


A few weeks ago, I had an extremely positive singing experience and all I could take away was – I REALLY want to do MORE of this! I want to write more, I want to sing more, I want to create, I want to worship, I want to dance, IRead More →