Danke Larry für 24 wunderbare Jahren.   Ich habe dieses Lied “Safe Harbour” für die Hochzeit meine Nichte geschrieben.  Aber natürlich geht es um meinen Mann.


Just spent the last few days at workshops at the Worship Conference at Calvary Chapel Siegen.  Amazing, amazing, amazing! I went on purpose to attend vocal workshops done by Naomi van Dooren, as she was my vocal coach on The Voice of Germany, and I think she is absolutely incredible. Read More →

Good bye my dream in the mourning I see your back when I close my eyes You leave this tiny room without me Before you could doubt me, you made me old and wise Sometimes I forget for a while I smile and have such plans to make Even thoughRead More →


and still the love of my life!


Throwback Thursday, when my daughter was only a few months old and we could carry her around in a basket.  She is big enough to almost carry me now.


“The set for the Lakeland Players children’s play is in the process of being built at the Sprague Theater here and obtaining and ringside view of it was little Penni Jo, eight-month old daughter of Steve and Kathy Hay.” So, there I am!  And it took me a few moreRead More →

  So I walked away when I should have made a stand, letting down the side once again. And my weaknesses seem to have the upper hand, and my will just caves in. Lost my head and blew up just when she needed me. Don’t know when she’ll trust meRead More →


Before I become a senior citizen, this is what I looked like as a senior in HS.  Did not really find my feet, but I do have to thank Mr. Zelinka, who gave me a great love of music and gave me opportunity to perform.  Great teacher, Z, will alwaysRead More →

28. Oktober 2018 – um 17:00 Diese 10-Stimme Chor hat tolle Arrangements von Pop-Klassiks wie Afrika, You Raise Me Up, und All of Me.  Kommt vorbei, es lohnt sich! Das Video unten ist von Konzert letztes Jahr. LiChörchen – Circle of life Watch this video on YouTube

Ich bin Amerikanerin in Deutschland, und ich liebe mich vorzustellen als “Die Penni Jo”.  Ich finde es süß.  Aber jedes mal, höre ich Die Simpsons dann in meinem Kopf — I am an American living in Germany, so I love introducing myself as “Die Penni Jo”, but every time IRead More →