Just spent the last few days at workshops at the Worship Conference at Calvary Chapel Siegen.  Amazing, amazing, amazing! I went on purpose to attend vocal workshops done by Naomi van Dooren, as she was my vocal coach on The Voice of Germany, and I think she is absolutely incredible. Read More →

When You Believe Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston Many nights we prayed With no proof anyone could hear In our hearts a hope for a song We barely understood Now we are not afraid Although we know there’s much to fear We were moving mountains Long before we knew we could, whoa,Read More →


Diese Woche proben wir “Fever” für unser Auftritt am 31. März, wo wir Jazz singen im Härtlingen.  Aber jedes Mal wenn wir proben, denke ich immer an The Muppets!  Ich habe zuerst dieses Lied gehört von Rita Moreno und Animal, und ich finde es immer toll.  So, wenn ihr esRead More →

  My friend Katie has recently started vlogging.  She is one of my favorite people – positive and encouraging even in the midst of a personal struggle or mom-breakdown.  Follow her, subscribe, be encouraged, and support her ministry!


If you EVER have the chance to work with Naomi as a vocal coach, take it!  She is amazing.  Her direction is incredibly clear and concise and helpful.  I enjoyed working with her so much. Naomi’s Website  


Maria is just wonderful!  I love the balance that she has of power and flexibility in her voice and I love the way she sings “The Middle”.  Great song, all over the place vocally, and she nails it.  


Oh my goodness, I love this cover!  Giuliano has such richness in his voice.  Subscribe to his channel and support his sound!  

Ach, heute gibt es ein EXCLUSIV VORAB auf the website bei THE VOICE OF GERMANY. Rahel Maas singt “Pläne” mit solche Kraft und, einfach Drive in die Stimme.  Ich mag es auch das ich sie nicht sehen kann.  Ich freue mich es alles RICHTIG morgen zu sehen!


I have to be honest, I am a Robbie Williams fan, and I would love to see Robbie Williams perform as him.  If I ever get near Rostock, I will definitely look him up! “Real To Me” is a great song, showing depth and rock, both the hard and softRead More →


Oh ich liebe dieses Blind Audition!  Ich mag die Interpretation, ich mag wie er spielt, ich mag die Luft in seine Stimme, passt sehr gut zu dem Lied.  Woot!  Ich höre es gern!