Yes, this is my 6-year-old daughter applying a fake beard to my face.  Awesome.


“The set for the Lakeland Players children’s play is in the process of being built at the Sprague Theater here and obtaining and ringside view of it was little Penni Jo, eight-month old daughter of Steve and Kathy Hay.” So, there I am!  And it took me a few moreRead More →


I am not sure exactly which play this is in the Actress House series, but I do remember that I had a lot of fun doing it!  I am posting this in honor of Covenant Players Day – 20th of October.  Really, only Covenant Players will understand that reference!


I did this short one-person play in 1998, playing a woman on the edges of an interesting situation, possibly afraid to commit to any aspect of it.


These are some of the plays that I directed during my time in Covenant Players.  I always loved getting into the drama and working with fantastic actors.  Thanks to all of you!     1996 Summer – ABOUT DUMB THINGS Penni Jo Blatterman – director Kim Günther Darcie Kirk  Read More →