On the morning of the open casting, we got up early, because I had a 10:15 time.  The plan was that my husband and daughter would drop me off, I would do my hour in the casting and then call them to pick me up.  They planned to go pick up geek things (yes, of course, Doctor Who!) and see a movie in English in Frankfurt.

Of course, my day ended up different than I thought it would!  I went through the first round, the second round, the third round!  So I missed the movie that they went to go see – which was The Greatest Showman, and they absolutely loved it.

So for me, the movie The Greatest Showman is always linked with my experience on The Voice of Germany.  I recorded the cover of “Rewrite The Stars” because it is a lovely song and a lot of fun to sing.


Rewrite The Stars Cover 2018 11