Who flung the stars into the heavens but stills my fear?

Who made the sun an explosion of power but is ready to hear me?

Who sent the asteroids through the massive voids where light cannot reach?

Who hears my cry, comes gently by, willing to teach?

I am amazed by you over and over. What can I do but sing?

I am amazed by you over and over. You’re my Lord, Lord of everything.

Who split the earth and pulled out the mountains, but sits with me?

Who rolled the plains to the foot of the oceans, but practices mercy?

Who ploughed the canyons floor with the river’s roar and smoothed the stones?

Who sees the hurt I cause to myself and whispers, “You’re not alone”?

Who sees the dawn from the back of a comet, but knows my need?

Who leaves the depths of the seas and its wonders to comfort and feed me?

Who left fingerprints here to draw us near to his majesty?

Who sees my joy in each new discovery, and laughs with me?